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2015.05.28   Smallcells용 Grandmaster IGM 1100i 소개

Smallcells용 Grandmaster IGM 1100i 소개

Microsemi에서 smallcells용 grandmaster 솔루션인 IGM 1100i 제품을 출시했다.

LTE-Advanced features require tight frequency and phase timing to synchronise with other nearby cells and are far more demanding than 3G or even the initial LTE services. This is particularly difficult to achieve indoors where satellite GNSS signals are weak.

Often the deployment costs far exceed those of the equipment where external GPS antenna are used, such as negotiating rental of suitable roof space, cabling for external GPS antennas, installation and ongoing maintenance. Reliance on a single technology also raises availability concerns in case of outage.

This webinar reviews the importance of phase timing and how best that can be achieved for indoor small cells. Microsemi will also introduce an innovative solution that drastically reduces installation and deployment costs while achieving the high precision of frequency and phase synchronisation required.

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